Yoga Class Descriptions

A variety of Vinyasa

Class Time: 60 - 75  Minutes        ​

Sometimes referred as, "Flow Yoga", Vinyasa yoga incorporates a sequence of postures that are designed to flow seamlessly with conscious breath.

Synchronized Breath + Movement = Vinyasa Flow

Moving from posture to posture, in and out, awaken your inner yogi and practice balance, breath control, and flexibility!

With our SLOW VINYASA - A slower paced Vinyasa Flow - spend a tad bit longer in poses, focus deeper on breathing through the poses and have slow controlled movements.

Ideal for any experience level.

**This class is offered HEATED as well - allowing for a deeper muscle relaxation, intensifying the yogic concentration and overall increasing stamina, detoxing the body and allowing for a more intermediate session. 

Gentle Yoga

                                                         Class Time: 60-75  Minutes                                                         

Depending on the instructor and their specific background, this class  can bring a variety of types of yoga.

This class is intended to be non-strenuous, minimalistic, quiet and restorative. 


This class is ideal for beginners and those who are seeking a different experience out of their practice - comfortability. 

When your life is racing full-speed ahead, so is your mind. This class helps provide that physical and mental break to rejuvenate and revitalize your spirit and mind. 

**Class options vary depending on the season. Please continue to check month to month for available yoga classes and class days offered. 

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