Slow Vinyasa & Vinyasa Flow

Class Time: 60 - 75  Minutes        ​

Sometimes referred as, "Flow Yoga", Vinyasa yoga incorporates a sequence of postures that are designed to flow seamlessly with conscious breath.

Synchronized Breath + Movement = Vinyasa Flow

Moving from posture to posture, in and out, awaken your inner yogi and practice balance, breath control, and flexibility!

With our SLOW VINYASA - A slower paced Vinyasa Flow - spend a tad bit longer in poses, focus deeper on breathing through the poses and have slow controlled movements.

Ideal for any experience level.

**Check out our VINO & VINYASA pop up nights. Come bring a friend and have a relaxing Yoga Session while sipping on some yummy wine! Please inquire for the next class.

**This class is offered HEATED as well - allowing for a deeper muscle relaxation, intensifying the yogic concentration and overall increasing stamina, detoxing the body and allowing for a more intermediate session. 

Ka Pow ! - Power Flow

Class Time: 60 - 75 Minutes          ​

Incorporates strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and concentration.


Power Yoga is a fitness based approach to a Vinyasa style flow. Cleanse the body while calming the mind in this style of yoga. 

Conscious Breath + Vigorous Mindful Flow = Power Flow 

Excellent for those looking for a more intense Vinyasa Flow and workout. 

Gentle Yoga

                                                         Class Time: 60-75  Minutes                                                         

Depending on the instructor and their specific background, this class  can bring a variety of types of yoga.

This class is intended to be non-strenuous, minimalistic, quiet and restorative. 


This class is ideal for beginners and those who are seeking a different experience out of their practice - comfortability. 

When your life is racing full-speed ahead, so is your mind. This class helps provide that physical and mental break to rejuvenate and revitalize your spirit and mind. 

Yin / Yang Fusion


                  Class Time: 60 Minutes         


Slow paced style of yoga focusing on Yin Yoga - the holding of postures for an extended length of time.

This style of yoga targets the deep connective tissues of the body - students are asked to relax in postures, allowing the muscle to soften and move closer to the body.

Embraces more passive postures, such as those on the floor for the lower body. 

Allows students to get more intimate with the Self; their thoughts, sensibilities, emotions and feelings as they are awakened in this slow paced mediative style.

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